Paul Theroux Talks at Book Passage

Book Passage has posted the video of Paul Theroux’s talk last month.


Robert Ghrist’s Coursera Calculus is Starting Again

Robert Ghrist’s Coursera Calculus is Starting Again

If you have been looking for a great Calculus course to take for free online, I can highly recommend Professor Robert Ghrist’s Calculus: Single Variable course on Coursera. The visually animated lectures are engaging, the homework problems are challenging, and the experience was quite rewarding when I took the course.

Printing on Chrome to My Nexus 7

I’m probably late to the party here, but I just discovered while about to waste some trees to print out an article to read later that I can pick my “Nexus 7” in the list of printers in the Chrome browser’s print dialog. The article immediately opened as a PDF in the document reader on my Nexus 7 tablet. Pretty handy, and saved some paper.