Tony DeRose TED Youth Math and the Movies Talk

After seeing that Pixar’s Tony DeRose was presenting Math and the Movies at MoMath, I waited for the presentation to be posted on line, but for some reason it never appeared (unlike many others in the Math Encounters series). Then I saw that he presented it also at George Washington University,  Stony Brook University, and most recently at Berkeley’s MSRI. However, scouring the web I was unable to find any visual record of any of these run-throughs to watch at home with my high-school daughter who is interested in math and computer animation.

I finally thought to send Mr. DeRose an email last week, and he graciously replied with a link to a 9-minute version of a “TED Youth” version of his talk that he gave last year. His full lecture must talk, in addition, about how linear algebra and integral/differential calculus play a role in animation, but this abbreviated version it’s definitely way better than what I had to watch last week at this time, which was nothing 🙂

His talk is part of the “Session 3” video, and it starts around the 20:00 minute mark:

Googling around, I found a picture of Tony showing off the geometric sculpture of Geri’s head (from the Pixar short “Geri’s Game“) at the event here.

Thanks, Mr. DeRose!