Ben Stiller’s Heartbreak Kid, Definitely Not for Kids

I’ve been waiting patiently for the iPhone to be offered for sale where we live, and I really wished I’d had it the other night at Blockbuster Video before renting the Ben Stiller movie “The Heartbreak Kid.” Had I had an iPhone, I would have been able to visit the movie’s page on IMDB and in particular would have been able to consult its handy parental advisory page, where I could have learned how inappropriate for kids this movie was. Instead, since our family are fans of most every other Ben Stiller movie we’ve seen like “Meet the Parents”, “Night at the Museum”, “Along Came Polly”, and others, I brought the video home and was a bit surprised at what came on the screen. Definitely, not one of his family movies. However, since the iPhone is supposed to go on sale here starting in June, this will hopefully be a problem of the past.